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An exploration of colour and Lulu’s love of mutka silk sees the sensitive re-interpretation of Scrolling Fern Silhouette, Symi and Scrolling Acanthus in classic colourways. Although vibrant, the rich, earthy tones of Moss, Indigo, Sepia and Sorolla Red appear softer when printed on to mutka silk, which moves and drapes beautifully.Perfectly scaled and with a wonderful rhythm, Trianon Stripe is a faithful copy of an 18th century French linen and is offered printed on to both poplin – which would make glorious bed hangings and loose covers – and a new indoor-outdoor fabric, providing a resilient alternative to its cotton sibling. It is ideally suited to children’s rooms and upholstery of outdoor furniture.Variations in basecloths and the careful consideration of new hues allows for almost endless possibilities when it comes to the atmosphere of a fabric or wallpaper design. Soane’s close collaboration with craftsmen at every stage of production allows for a distinctly personal service, enabling clients the opportunity to create a custom alternative to Soane’s classic designs.


Scrolling Acanthus

Scrolling Fern Frond

Scrolling Fern Silhouette


Trianon Stripe


Scrolling Acanthus Frond Wallpaper