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      • Scrolling Acanthus
      • Pineapple Silhouette
      • Pineapple Frond
      • Palampore Blossom
      • Ottoman Stripe
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      • Scrolling Acanthus Wallpaper
      • Persian Maze Wallpaper


A friendship between Lulu Lytle and the owners of Cobblers Cove Hotel, Sam and Hugh Godsal, inspired the idea to launch the latest collection of fabrics and wallpapers from Barbados. The new collection includes, a new striped weave, two colour floral print and new colourways of existing designs.



Ottoman Stripe

Palampore Blossom

Persian Maze Print

Persian Maze Weave

Pineapple Frond

Pineapple Silhouette

Scrolling Acanthus


Persian Maze Wallpaper

Scrolling Acanthus Wallpaper